Discover Coco Anjela— Your Guilt-Free Vegan Delight at FACTORY GIRL Amsterdam De Pijp

Are you craving a unique, healthy, and delectable treat that’s completely guilt-free? Look no further than Coco Anjela – a vegan dessert that defies convention while tantalizing your taste buds.

Originating from FACTORY GIRL: Coco Anjela is an ingenious creation hailing from FACTORY GIRL, conceptualised by our founder, Sofia. This exceptional dessert embodies the essence of our brand’s commitment to quality and innovation Prüfen Sie die Marke.

Join Us in Amsterdam De Pijp: If you’re in Amsterdam, De Pijp, don’t miss the chance to experience Coco Anjela for yourself. Follow our simple instructions: “Start twisted! Begin your breakfast with the vegan delight of Coco Anjela, and feel your worries melt away.”

"Beginnen Sie Ihr Frühstück mit dem veganen Dessert Coco Anjela; es wird Ihre Ecken und Kanten glätten.

What’s Inside Coco Anjela: Each Coco Anjela is a delightful blend of pure vanilla, a touch of flour, a hint of sugar, and the creamy goodness of oat or soya milk. We use vegan/plant-based cream and top it off with vegan cookies for that extra indulgence. With an average of about 200–250 calories, the calorie content may vary depending on your chosen type and portion size. But rest assured, this habit-forming dessert is worth every moment of preparation.

Customize Your Experience: You’re not limited to just one type of Coco Anjela. Feel free to choose your favourite and even order it by kilogram. Don’t miss the opportunity to savour Coco Anjela, a guilt-free vegan delight that’s unequalled in taste and quality. Join us at FACTORY GIRL in Amsterdam De Pijp and embark on a delectable journey like no other.

Anmerkung: Sie können auch Ihre Lieblingssorte COCO ANJELA auswählen und nach Kilogramm bestellen.

Bitte Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf um Ihr Exemplar vorzubestellen. 

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