When you seek for “the best breakfast” in the city the signs will take you here. The sound of music and the friendly attitude of the fellows will embrace you right away.

Starting from 9AM to lunch from noon to brunch with a large selection of bio, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free meals and sugar free products capture your mind to the wizard-land.

Concept makes a perfect escape for disgruntled citizens, artists, cool cats, experienced travelers and stylish locals. The lifestyle and the unequal tastes of the brand will smooth your jagged edges.

FACTORY GIRL Restaurant Amsterdam

FELLOWS of +factory girl

Here we share the faces of the FACTORY GIRL’s work partners and team members from 2009 until today. These distinguished, talented fellows are and will always stay a significant part of the FG family.

Our fellows rock in the kitchen. They arrange the preparations, work on each presentation and elaborate on the food in your presence.

And some of the FACTORY GIRL fellows hold PhDs; some are artists, one is even an engineer-barista, sometimes we include a cook or a great mom with lots of natural talent in her hands… We are a diverse but strong family. FACTORY GIRL is all about: Just be yourself and love what you do.

“Simple thinking and awareness of what makes you better or, with another definition, prosperous. We work hard and don’t embed ourselves in our comfort zone, we try bravely, we move to a further option if the current one does not function well, no time to defeat.” ―Sofia

FACTORY GIRL Photo Shooting with Fellows 2009
FACTORY GIRL Photo Shooting Fellows 2019
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Saenredamstraat 32
1072 CH Amsterdam

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Opening Times

Monday 09:00–16:00
Tuesday 09:30–16:00
Wednesday 09:30–16:00
Thursday 09:30–16:00
Friday 09:00–16:00
Saturday 09:00–16:00
Sunday 09:00–16:00