The Brand

Welcome to the healthy food // restaurant concept of FACTORY GIRL!

FACTORY GIRL – created/founded by Sofia D. Sözen in Berlin in 2009 to become a hip, all-day-long healthy breakfast & lunch restaurant concept that dynamically blends a crafted lifestyle with fine casual food.

In 2017 Sofia came up with a new logo to describe the brand more explicitly and added the plus to say there is more; it’s more than food. Plus represents the lifestyle, future, digitalised menu, FG academy, workshops, countless types of productions, healthy recipes, music, creativity, technology, and projects for awareness.

The atmosphere bursts with warmth, friendliness, coolness and charm. FACTORY GIRL is a gifted and brilliant gastronomic idea and, moreover, an exciting, homey and cruelty-free culinary experience.

Is FACTORY GIRL on the list of one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam? What makes FACTORY GIRL the best vegan & vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam? Sit back and continue to read. Sofia, the FACTORY GIRL, has created a rich, luscious vegan and vegetarian menu because we love animals as much as we love bringing people together. The menu contains so many options that give a great space for our guests to create their own meals.

In the end, we love what we do! please check REVIEWS

The FACTORY GIRL team is an even greater delight to experience. We aim to transform city spaces in exciting ways, creating art-friendly, supportive, project-generating and lovable places for local residents and the international community.

Each meal here is calorie-conscious but it certainly doesn’t taste that way!

The concept treats the guests like honouring their best friends and family members with food good for the eye, body and spirit. For an inspirational concept to take home long after your vacation or your off time is complete, cook with longevity in mind after you’ve eaten fine, simple yet twisted flavours. Here are the reaction images of the Vegan Dessert Coco Anjela- before, during and after…


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Saenredamstraat 32
1072 CH Amsterdam

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Opening Times

Monday 09:00–16:00
Tuesday 09:30–16:00
Wednesday 09:30–16:00
Thursday 09:30–16:00
Friday 09:00–16:00
Saturday 09:00–16:00
Sunday 09:00–16:00