High Quality Food and Service

As an owner of a restaurant in France, I spend a wonderful afternoon on the street terrace of this special place, located in the middle of the buzzing area called de Pijp. There is a large choice of fresh, healthy and tasteful food made with love. And maybe more important: the service is very good. Chapeau!

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My experience would have been enough just based on the food, drink, and warm ambience (seriously, the food is sickly good.. we ended our European vacation in Amsterdam, and as a native Angeleno, I was looking for some hearty greens and clean eats after all the croissant, fish & chips, blood pudding etc…. FG ticked off all the boxes and FAR EXCEEDED my highly opinionated and sensitive tastebuds)… we ate breakfast there every day of our trip!  Read more…

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Definitely not "just more of the same"

FACTORY GIRL is a truly the best breakfast restaurant in Amsterdam. The menu includes a long list of healthy breakfast & Brunch dishes. From Avocado Toast to Eggs Benedict anything with smoked Norwegian Salmon. Finally in Amsterdam where you can get a gluten free breakfast. They also offer Gluten Free Bread I have substituted my Eggs Benedict bread with Gluten Free bread. It was very delicious. Don’t forget to order Gluten Free Pancake! These gluten free pancakes are so light and fluffy that you’ll never even know they’re gluten free. The best thing after a delicious breakfast to have a light Pancake. I will definitely come back for Brunch feast.


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Brunch Galore!

In for breakfast or lunch? Well welcome to brunch galore! New to the idea of a (semi)vegetarian one we were truly knocked off by our feet – what an experience! Not only were we impressed with the novelty of the menu but with options to add extra’s to the courses the choices were vast. The No Eggs like Benedict sure made up for its name – these were benedicts like I’ve never tasted them before. Read more…

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This restaurant literally is the best breakfast brunch restaurant in Amsterdam

We were 5 foddies were searching the best brunch in the city and hopefully one of our blogger friend recommended us to visit FACTORY GIRL We have ordered Egg Shakshuka and I would say, it was the best Shakshuka I ever had! My girl friend was Vegan and she has ordered Sofia’s healthy lunch and she became obsessed with it and we visit 3 times during or 5 days in our stay in Amsterdam😍 They serve so many healthy breakfast options. If you think that healthy breakfast is boring and I tell you visit FACTORY GIRL!  Read more…

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It would be hard to forget

Some things are so right at this brand and It demands to be liked, You’ll smell of happiness. It’s the best breakfast and desserts I ever had in my life. You’d think we’d be used to it by now, this post-high-hospitality, but we’re not. The concept of the restaurant – what it should look like, the kind of space it should occupy, the way it should feel – is extraordinarily robust. Those intriguing repurposed spaces remain the minority among restaurateurs and the authorities who license them.

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An impressive Breakfast Feast! If you are really food lover and you are looking for the best breakfast Brunch Restaurant in Amsterdam wanna know where to find, FACTORY GIRL is your place. One of our local friend recommend us. As a food lover I will not go to through the details of the healthy brunch menu however you must try Eggs Benedict they serve on bio dark sourdough bread with salad, hummus, avocado, mashed beetroot, seeds and sprouts.

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The Most Delicious Brunch I've EVER Had

From the beautiful atmosphere, the mouth-watering meal, and incredibly warm service… Factory Girl lived up to its 5 star rating and MORE. As a rule, I never visit the same place twice while traveling. However, I had to make a special exception for Factory Girl. You will crave the energy and deliciousness of this place long after you leave. I had the most amazing Shakshuka and would HIGHLY recommend it. Seven and Melia, took care of my every need and delivered a really warm and authentic service. I wish I could start all my days here. Absolutely lovely!

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This Certainly The Best Breakfast in Amsterdam!

This breakfast brunch restaurant has so many gluten free and healthy breakfast options. They also offer Vegan and Vegetarian dishes. The best thing I love about Factory Girl you eat really healthy food and all those healthy foods are not boring at all. I love what I ate. I wouldn’t imagine to add Kale in my Eggs Benedict but combination was delicious. Read More…

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Opening Times

Monday 09:00–15:00
Tuesday 09:00–15:00
Wednesday 09:00–15:00
Thursday 09:00–15:00
Friday 09:00–16:00
Saturday 09:00–16:00
Sunday 09:00–16:00

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