We care for the environment and our future. Coffee is one thing that has a great range of flavours and is up to everyone’s preferences. However, we selected the one that is organic and suits the notable prevalence of coffee lovers. Here is the deep info for the coffee we drink and share in FACTORY GIRL.

Nutty & Sweet;

The coffee has a balanced taste of dark chocolate and roasted almonds. 100% Colombia. Colombian coffee is known for its high quality. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, where our coffee comes from, is one of Colombia’s most famous growing regions. Specialty Coffee: Ecolsierra’s Specialty Coffee has been awarded a taste rating of 84 points out of 100 by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. 100% Arabica. All beans come from Arabica varieties – Típica, Colombia and Castilla. Washed & Dried in the Sun. The processing method of the coffee is essential for the final taste. Ecolsierra’s Specialty Coffee is washed and sun-dried, which helps it develop clear and genuine flavour structures.

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Where is that organic coffee originated?

This coffee comes exclusively from the Red Ecolsierra cooperative in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta regionIt consists of more than 400 family growers. You can read more about it in Jaime’s Fascinating Story.

In the 1980s — before organic certification existed — García co-founded an unofficial association of farmers that undertook initiatives to prevent soil erosion, conserve watersheds and reforest the mountain.
The community called them the “protectors of the Sierra”.


Is it an organic production?

Each bean is produced exclusively through certified organic farming practices that meet the highest environmental standards.


Where to buy organic speciality coffee in Amsterdam?

You can visit your favourite vegan-vegetarian restaurant, FACTORY GIRL Amsterdam or Berlin to drink speciality coffee, and if you want, you can also purchase it directly. Alternatively, you can visit an online shop from Caventura.

Good to know; we support all conscious acts to lower consumption and use of organic products.