FACTORY GIRL team works ambitiously to find the most delicate products for you and bring them to our tables. We only use refined bio olive oil and vegan butter in our kitchens. Here is the birth certificate for the precious olive oil we consume on our menu by Wild Sage Foods.

FACTORY GIRL's olive oil

Where is that olive oil originated?

A natural and pure product from small olive tree growers in the broader region of Heraklion in Crete, Greece. Life on the island is intricately connected to the olive trees; planting, irrigation, pruning, care, fertilizing, preparation and harvesting. Each phase of the year can be recognized by the activities around the villages and the olive-covered hills.

Variety of olives & qualitative characteristics:

Koroneiki “The queen of olives”. Koroneiki olive oil is recognized worldwide as one of the best, and that’s why its cultivation, although Greek in origin, has expanded to many areas in the world. Productivity is high, with a yield of about 20%. The oil obtained from Koroneiki olives has an intense green colour, fruity and delicate flavour, and a powerful aroma. A full-bodied, delicious extra virgin olive oil perfectly balanced amongst the three characteristics; Fruity – Bitter – Pungent. In addition, it is very rich in vitamins and has low acidity. Our olive oil has 0,23% ( the threshold for an extra virgin olive oil to be characterized as such vs virgin olive oil or olive oil is less than 0,8%).


Production of extra virgin olive oil:

The olives are harvested end of October/ beginning of November and throughout the month. Our growers harvest early in the morning and immediately take the olives in the pressing. The lead time between harvesting and pressing is one of the most critical factors for quality olive oil. They ensure that this lead time is always less than 24 hours, yielding the best possible product. The pressing facilities are of the latest technology and highly accurate manage the production. The production of extra virgin olive oil is made with cold extraction and, of course, from the first press of the olives. No high temperatures, no additives, and no chemicals to alter the quantity of oil extraction. Natural pressing of the fruit into the golden silky final product.


Where to buy Koroneiki olive oil in Amsterdam?

You can visit your favourite vegan-vegetarian restaurant, FACTORY GIRL Amsterdam to try this delicious olive oil, and if you want, you can also purchase it directly. Alternatively, you can order online from Wild Sage Foods or visit their store, which is very close to FACTORY GIRL

Good to know; we support all conscious acts to lower consumption, and to address that idea–if you bring your cup or bottle, you receive a %10 “thank you for being nice to our world” discount.